LGM iPad app
Something was needed to engage Sky's leadership before their bi-annual Leadership Group Meeting (LGM) involving 200 of Sky's top execs. Understanding the nature of the business as well as working with the keynote speakers directly, we recommended the development of an app to engage, entertain and capture key communications. The LGM ran over two days and was held in Sky Studios on site in Osterley. The app was developed to be used not just pre, but post and during the event. Therefore, it had a number of functions to perform. As well as being informative, it was used as an interactive tool for quizzes during the event and to record and collect useful messaging as well as media. Its success meant it was used in future LGMs.
Wireframe development using grid system
LGM iPad app screens for pre-event, live event and post-event
Interactive Presentation Showcase [made in Ventuz]
Working directly with the Manager of Sky’s presentation department, whose team create, strategise and develop presentations for the CEO, CFO, top management and Sky’s most illustrious pitches, we were charged with taking presentations to the next level. We worked alongside the manager and team in researching new technology and resolving to use Ventuz system to create an interactive proof of concept.
Leading a team of senior creatives, we fell back on our development, UI and UX background. We designed and created an interactive tool with the team that was capable of streaming multiple HD videos simultaneously, capturing and dealing with live data to change results real time, play out Keynotes and PowerPoint’s from a remote location and handle 3D graphic whilst making them interactive to touch. Working with a Ventuz expert we picked up enough understanding to develop our own video application within the system
Storyboard and development of interactive Presentation Showcase
Working with the department manager, leading five senior creatives and one Ventuz expert, we used a similar process Agile to organise and develop the project. We created a presentation of the process needed shown here and used this with the team to deliver the product within a short timeframe.