TNT machine inspiration

Initial illustrative development of concept placing TNT workers in a paper environment. This was dropped for a more realistic environment shown below

After talks with the client it was felt real machinery from TNT depots should be used as reference in creative design. This was to create more of an emotional and psychological connection to the employees

TNT Machine Animation from CreativeChimps on Vimeo.

Short conceptual teaser animations representing the development of the TNT machine and employee interaction to build an efficient network.

A 3 metre by 0.5 meter landscape was created to reflect the changing landscape of the story.

Final TNT company story in printed concertina format available for all employees to have a copy of. A photoshoot was taken to place TNT workers in situ and a 3D machine developed for the TNT workers to work on

Two routes of teaser campaign posters were created. 1. Putting real employees with real stories at the heart of the campaign and 2. Iconic aspirational film posters with silhouettes representing TNT employees.

The teaser campaign ran before Christmas for an event in early Spring. An advent calendar tied nicely into hinting at what was to come in the new year.