Who are we?

Creative Chimps is a collective of talented specialists with a focus on branding and campaigns. We partner with those not afraid of challenging the status quo and unlocking the power to drive change.

Motivated to inspire deeper connections, long-term commitments, and behavioural change in people, our intent is to make things better. We achieve this by ensuring that design is customer-centred and most effective when culturally embedded. This enables us to develop, strengthen and evolve brands.

We use learnt insights to address engagement challenges; increasing dialogue between leaders and their people, improving collaboration across teams, inspiring action on key priorities, or simply recognising and celebrating the great things already happening in an organisation.

We continue to grow our service to social enterprises and organisations with a focus on social responsibilities.

Our Five Stages


Defining and scoping your story


Building a strong visual narrative


Design and development


Build tools and provide guidance


Feedback and measure

We work with you across all or a combination of these stages to help you deliver an impactful design solution.

Brands we have had the opportunity to work with